Are Wedding Bands Supposed To Match?

When you get matching rings, you're signifying that you and your partner have become whole. Matching wedding rings are a more traditional option. But really, are wedding bands supposed to match? Well, matching engagement ring styles with a different combination of metals and colored gemstones are feasible options that tons of our customers pick. They wouldn't match 100% under these circumstances, but they'd compliment each other well.
You can get a matching meteorite wedding band if you're looking for a rare and cosmic look. We use Muonionalusta Meteorite and add our secret proprietary darkening agent to make the natural pattern pop out. Our matching meteorite wedding bands come with a fantastic comfort fit. Other couples may settle with a metal band like tungsten, but consider this: How many couples have rocks from outer space around their fingers? How many people do you think have a piece of the cosmos within the palm of their hand?

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