Announcing Mokume Gane Rings

The newest addition to the Patrick Adair Designs store is a beautiful Mokume Gane Rings. These rings feature a stunning wood grain pattern that ranges from deep greens to bright coppers and luxurious yellows. Our Mokume Gane is hand-forged in Las Vegas, Nevada by the exceptionally skilled smiths at Vegas Forge. They combine Silver-Nickel, brass, and copper to create this beautiful composite which is then handcrafted into a luxury grade ring in the mountains of Utah.

One of the most amazing parts of these rings is the way that they age over time. Originally all the colors start with a brilliant shine, but as oxidation sets in, the colors get more vibrant but less reflective. These means this is a ring that will age beautifully over time. 


  • I have been trying to reach you through your YouTube, emails regarding my order status. It’s been more then 6 weeks that I placed my order. Give me my money back!!! Stop stealing people money!!!

    Carla Prieto
  • Hi, i tried to contact you thru email. Please rely regarding the ring i purchased


  • Why are you ignoring all my contact and request on an order status update? Have you just stolen my money? 1* on trust pilot:

    Hamish h

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