Size 9 Superconductor ring with Titanium Liner
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    Size 9 Superconductor ring with Titanium Liner


      A size 9 Etched Superconductor ring with a silver Titanium liner. Superconductors make some of this world's greatest technologies possible - including particle accelerators and MRI machines. Superconductor is an incredibly rare and also expensive material. These two properties make it a very good choice as a ring for anyone interested in exotic materials or technology. The titanium liner complements the superconducting titanium-niobium material perfectly!

      The product is as is which means:
      1) The ring is sold at a discounted price (40%-50% off).
      2) Unlike our other rings, this ring has already been handmade by one of our shop members and has a specific size (9 US).
      3) There is only one in stock.
      4) No returns, resizing, or refunds on this ring.
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