SIze 7 Deep Space Black Ceramic Ring
SIze 7 Deep Space Black Ceramic Ring
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    SIze 7 Deep Space Black Ceramic Ring


      This limited time special edition ring combines malachite and amethyst with a special 4 color blend of glow powder to create a stunning deep space theme. The inlay captures a vibrant image of the cosmos that is perfect for anyone desiring a unique addition to their jewelry collection. It glows a deep purple instead of the standard green glow. Our deep space black ceramic ring also makes a perfect gift for the space enthusiast in your life. 


      The product is as is which means:
      1) The ring is sold at a discount price (40%-50% off).
      2) Unlike our other rings, this ring has already been handmade by one of our shop members and has a specific size (7 US).
      3) There is only one in stock.
      4) No returns, resizing, or refunds on this ring.


      Since these rings are already made, they are ready to ship as soon as you place your order! We expect to process and ship them in 2 business days.