Size 7.5 The Arbiter
Size 7.5 The Arbiter
Size 7.5 The Arbiter
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    Size 7.5 The Arbiter


      The Arbiter perfectly represents the mantra: "business on the outside and party on the inside." These beautiful glow rings feature custom luxury grade carbon fiber infused with pure titanium. The titanium adds a beautiful accent to the standard weave pattern of the carbon fiber exterior while a yellow-green luminescent resin liner brings a stunning contrast to this ring and allows it to glow in the dark. The luminescent resin liner is chartreuse by day but glows a beautiful green at night after being charged with ultraviolet waves. These can come from a UV flashlight, the sun, or even small amounts of normal light.  


      The product is as is which means:
      1) The ring is sold at a discount price (40%-50% off).
      2) Unlike our other rings, this ring has already been handmade by one of our shop members and has a specific size (7.5 US).
      3) There are only two in stock.
      4) No returns, resizing, or refunds on this ring.


      Since these rings are already made, they are ready to ship as soon as you place your order! We expect to process and ship them in 2 business days.