Size 10 Black Ceramic Star Dust Ring
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    Size 10 Black Ceramic Star Dust Ring


      The inlay for the Star Dust Ring is made using crushed diamonds, moonstone, meteorite shavings, a dash of blue opal, and aqua glow stone. The end result is meant to look like a ring that was crafted from the debris of a massive cosmic explosion. This mixture is inlaid into a Black Ceramic ring base. 

      The inside liner of this ring is engraved with "2/8/19" and as a result, is over 50% off.


      The product is as is which means:
      1) The ring is sold at a discount price (40%-50% off).
      2) Unlike our other rings, this ring has already been handmade by one of our shop members and has a specific size (10 US).
      3) There is only one in stock.

      4) No returns, resizing, or refunds on this ring.


      Since these rings are already made, they are ready to ship as soon as you place your order! We expect to process and ship them in 2 business days.