Patrick Adair

Patrick Adair is the founder, owner, and resident hipster of Patrick Adair Designs. He has launched multiple successful Kickstarters and is the creative force behind designing the products on the Patrick Adair Designs store. Patrick spends the majority of his time fulfilling custom orders for clients, but he is also responsible for supplying the dangerously unhealthy amounts of sugar and caffeine responsible for keeping the company afloat. He is also the major content creator on the Patrick Adair Designs YouTube channel. 

Andrew Jenson

Andrew Jenson is Patrick’s primary business partner and the resident adult at the company. With degrees in accounting and business management, his primary responsibility is to manage the backend of the business; however, one of his other, often underappreciated, responsibilities is babysitting Patrick and Lewis. Andrew is also responsible for customer support meaning that it is in fact Andrew impersonating Patrick when customers receive emails signed Patrick Adair. His Instagram is @Andy_je.  

Lewis Fausett

Lewis Fausett holds three titles for Patrick Adair Designs: video editor, website manager, and peon. His one true gift to the company is the exceptional talent to perform any task with underwhelming results. Known for dressing in outfits with less taste than Toasted Corn flavored Doritos, Lewis can be found performing a variety of tasks in our offices as well as on Instagram @lewiswf.


Sir Gizmo III

Despite Gizmo's foxy appearance, he is in fact the local corgi of Patrick Adair Designs. Gizmo is the reigning employee of the month and has actually held this title for a record breaking 196 consecutive months. The perennial good boy, Gizmo consistently fulfills his duty as chief motivator using a mixture of a hands off managerial approach and constant positive affirmation. You can follow Gizmo on Instagram @houseofdoges.


Our Company

Patrick started the first iteration of Patrick Adair Designs in the spring of 2015. He started by selling his first ring through Kickstarter. The ring was a simple but elegant carbon fiber ring, and the Kickstarter was a humble success. Over the next two years Patrick transitioned from Kickstarter projects to running a jewelry company through Instagram, YouTube, and a small website while his high school friend Lewis followed him like a sad vagrant begging for ways to make money. In 2017 Patrick started to gain significantly more traction and growth which is when Andrew reached out knowing the company could use a resident adult. This led to the current iteration of Patrick Adair Designs.