Size 4 Timascus Stackable Ring - 3mm
Size 4 Timascus Stackable Ring - 3mm
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    Size 4 Timascus Stackable Ring - 3mm


      Our Timascus Stackable Rings are a great option to add to any stackable set. Timascus is a beautiful composite made from multiple titanium alloys twisted together. The ring is heat anodized giving the ring a beautiful range of blues, ambers, and purples. 

      The unique Timascus pattern is created by heat anodization. With the specific pattern emerging due to the secret nature of Alpha Knife Supply's compositing method. 



      The product is as is which means:
      1) The ring is sold at a discount price (40%-50% off).
      2) Unlike our other rings, this ring has already been handmade by one of our shop members and has a specific size (4 US).
      3) There is only one in stock.
      4) No returns, resizing, or refunds on this ring.


      Since these rings are already made, they are ready to ship as soon as you place your order! We expect to process and ship them in 1 business day.