Superconductor Ring with Rose Gold Liner
Superconductor Ring with Rose Gold Liner

    Superconductor Ring with Rose Gold Liner


      Superconductors make some of this world's greatest technologies possible - including particle accelerators and MRI machines. This ring combines Superconductor with 10K Rose Gold which is an amazing combination. The rarity and exotic nature of the materials make this ring truly unique. The superconductor with rose gold liner makes the perfect wedding band or wedding ring. 


      How It's Made:


      About Superconductor:

      The silver colored rods in the ring are the actual superconductor. The superconductor I use is an alloy of titanium and niobium. The rods are surrounded by copper, its main purpose is to hold the superconductor rods in place.

      Each ring is totally unique and will display a random pattern of superconductor rods depending on a few factors including ring size, ring profile, the superconductor piece the ring is made from, etc.. The copper in the rings can develop a natural patina over time that can be left as-is or be brushed away with soap and water and/or a simple polishing compound for jewelry.



      All of our rings are sized in US universal sizes. If you are unsure of your ring size, please order our FREE PAD Ring Sizer first. To find a US size conversion chart, visit our helpful blog post here.

      We are unable to offer a free size exchange for any ring that is custom or contains gold. The Superconductor Ring with Rose Gold Liner is NOT eligible for a free size exchange. If your ring does not fit, please email us at for options on obtaining a newly sized ring.


      Lifetime Warranty:

      Although this ring is not eligible for a free size exchange, we do offer a lifetime warranty for this ring. If any problems arise with your ring, please do not hesitate to email us and we are more than happy to assist you.



      All Superconductor rings are currently estimated to take 8+ weeks of production time.

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