Meteorite Rings


      Choose from a variety of meteorite rings from solid meteorite wedding bands to glowstone rings with real meteorite pieces in the inlay. Our meteorite engagement rings are truly out of this world.

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      A Rare and Distinctive Piece: Meteorite's Meaning

      A meteor is a natural material in space traveling through the Earth's atmosphere. A meteor that survives a burning impact with the Earth's atmosphere becomes a meteorite. These rocks are older than dinosaur bones and have become popular in modern jewelry. Its popularity goes beyond its appealing and physical form. Some believe its journey through outer space has empowered it. Some think it helps enhance positivity while also helping improve circumstances. There's plenty of mysticism in the exterior of meteorite bands, but how real is it?

      Meteorite Composition

      Real meteorites are an alloy composed of mostly iron. Iron meteorites have to be a decent size before they're cut into workable slabs. Every genuine meteorite ring will be completely unique with its characteristic patterns. The crystalline structure Widmanstatten patterns on a meteorite wedding band are one of a kind.

      Caring for Your Custom Meteorite Wedding Band

      Authentic meteorite wedding rings need higher care than other precious metals. Exposure to water can lead to rust if you're not careful. Every one of our handmade meteorite pieces is acid etched to its surface and then given a proprietary darkening agent to help with rust. Unfortunately, you still have to take precautions if you want your ring to last a lifetime. Below are some helpful tips:
      1) Use a soft cloth and a thin layer of WD-40 or a jewelry polishing cloth to wipe your meteorite jewelry. This is safe for any type of meteorite.
      2) If your ring has already rusted, scrub the crystalline pattern and exterior with a soft brush.
      3) Let the ring absorb the WD-40/jewelry polishing cloth mixture by leaving a light residue on it.
      4) Scrub the meteorite engagement or wedding ring with a light coating of ring wax.
      5) To aid in preventing and repelling rust, use ring wax. If necessary, repeat any steps until the rust has been completely removed. Feel free to apply the wax to meteorite inlays too.
      Meteorite as an alternative metal is worth the hassle despite needing extra care. These wonderful materials have an interesting back story that you can spark conversations with. They've traveled the cosmos for millions of years, after all. They make for the perfect wedding ring or personalized gift.