The Serpent - Damascus Steel Glowstone Ring

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The Serpent is a truly unique ring. These rings start as a solid rod of Damascus steel that is hand forged into a serpentine pattern. The ring is then machined by hand into a beautiful ring by one of our talented machinists. An exquisite serpent scale pattern occurs after acid etching due to the unique manufacturing process of the Damascus. Then a deep space glowstone inlay - consisting of meteorite, amethyst, malachite, and space colored glowstone - is added to the center of the ring. Other inlays are possible upon request.

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Due to the unique and complex nature of these rings they generally take around 8 weeks to get perfectly manufactured because these rings can only be made by two of the craftsmen in our shop. We also can't accept returns for these rings for sizing issues or for disliking the inlay combination chosen by the customer. Feel free to email us if you would like to discuss your inlay before ordering the ring. 

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