Sunken Artifact Ring
Sunken Artifact Ring
Sunken Artifact Ring
Sunken Artifact Ring

    Sunken Artifact Ring


      Our Sunken Artifact copper ring is inspired by treasure that is reclaimed from shipwrecks. This copper ring features a hammered finished along with an extreme forced-patina to give the ring an ancient look. The patina allows for a beautiful natural appearance that shows off a range of lustrous coppers, brilliant blues, and deep blacks. 

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      We have an inventory of Sunken Artifact Rings made and ready to ship. They are expected to ship within one week of ordering.



      This ring's patina finish will fade over time and a new one will surface due to the copper oxidizing. As a result, we do coat the ring with more blue patina than normal to keep the patina color as long as possible. A tin of ring wax is included with each order to help prevent oxidation. We will not accept refunds on faded finishes but will offer free refinishes for all orders. We will also not accept refunds due to the copper oxidizing and turning your finger green. This is a natural process and can be combated with a thin layer of wax, nail polish, or lotion. 

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