7 Days of Giveaways

7 Days of Giveaways

2018 has been an amazing year. We've created new rings, made new friends, and made huge growth here at Patrick Adair Designs.

I'm excited to announce that to close out 2018 we are going to be doing 7 days of giveaways. 

For the next 7 days, we will be giving away different coupon codes, but these coupon codes aren't like any you've seen before. These coupon codes are the largest codes we have ever given away. 


7 Days of Giveaways Calendar

You can sign up below:



  • Clint Broadway

    Hope.i can win this one:):)

  • Ray

    I REALLY hope I’m one of the lucky to get one of your MASTERPIECES. Thank you for doing this giveaways.

  • Tim

    Beautiful rings

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